Chat Center

The universal way to chat with you.

Choose your universal chat address.

Anybody you share it with can click on it to chat with you. They can use any device that can load a web page from a link.

Example: – our customer support.

Get the App
to receive instant notifications.

Even though others don’t need
an app to send you messages, you will
need one to receive notifications.


Currently available on iOS, Android is coming soon.

Works Everywhere

You share your chat address –
– they click on it and you chat.

Share your chat address
and let the others instantly chat with you

On your website
On your social profiles
With friends & family

In email signature
In your blog
On your business card

On your website. On your social profiles. With friends & family. In email signature. In your blog. On your business card

Anyone who clicks on it will open a web page where they will be able to
instantly chat with you.